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Hell Bound Essay Research Paper There once free essay sample

Hell Bound Essay, Research Paper There one time was a adult male with a batch of problem that followed him. It all started when he went angling that one Friday afternoon. He was out in his boat and all of a sudden his fishing rod flew out of his custodies. He grunted to himself and jumped in to travel after he rod. All of the sudden this elephantine animal of a fish flew out of the H2O and tipped his boat over. After H got his boat flipped over, his jumped back in and rowed to shore. He was highly angry because he got all moistures. While he dragged his boat back to shore, he tripped, fell, and landed on his caput. Thingss could non acquire any worse for Barney. When he eventually got place, he got in the shower, got dressed, and called some friends to travel to Hooters. We will write a custom essay sample on Hell Bound Essay Research Paper There once or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When he came home, he didn t even say hi to his married woman or child. He gave his best friend Joe a call to see if he was up for a dark at Hooters. Joe was up for it so the darted to Hooters. As they sat at Hooters, Barney thought to himself, Geese, I truly necessitate to acquire a life! That was a really true. All he of all time did these yearss was work portion clip, fish, and drink. He was fring touch with his child and his married woman. Subsequently that dark when he stumbled in, he went directly to bed. When he woke up, his married woman and his child were packing. He asked them, Where are you cats traveling? I have had sufficiency of your dirt, I m out of here, said his married woman. He was so hung over, all he cared approximately was the baseball game and Tylenol. He grabbed a beer, the remote, and wasted the twenty-four hours off. As I m certain you could state by now, his is a shame to society. He didn T merely wake up one twenty-four hours though moving like that. It all started when his was small. His female parent and male parent used to manus him upside down. The gimmick was that he had to make it for yearss on terminal and that messed with his encephalon a small spot. When he got older, he got crush up in high school because he looked unusual. After a childhood like that, you can sort of see why H is the manner he is. Subsequently that flushing, one of his friends called. Hey Barney , wan na travel acquire some brewskies? Certain Phil, lem me acquire dressed and I ll run into you at Bob s Tavern. As Barney got showered, he got a amusing feeling, but he ignored it. He got in his auto and took off for Bob s. As he was on his manner, he wondered why he had that feeling. He couldn t figure it out so he ignored it. He rolled up to Bob s, walked in, greeted Phil, and sat down at the saloon. As he started imbibing, he started to acquire that eldritch feeling in his tummy like something was incorrect. He told Phil he had to travel because something wasn T right. On the main road headed place, something strange was traveling on. He noticed that no 1, I mean no 1, was on the route. By that clip, the storm was kicking in. The trees were rocking and the air current was ululating. But when the lightning flickered, it wasn t normal white, it was blood ruddy. From the visible radiation the lightning produced, the sky was a huge, blood ruddy swirling funnel. On his right he saw a gas station with a bull pulled in. He took a right, parked, and went indoors. When he walked in, it looked like a hardhearted slaughter. Everyone s eyes were bulged out and their limbs were scattered and there was blood all over the walls. Barney got in his auto and squealed off. What in the heck was that, he said to himself. All of the sudden, the main road came to an terminal. He got out and when he looked up out came a gigantic animal. On his caput where the Numberss 666. Barney thought it for certain over with. When the animal opened its oral cavity, you could smell the malodor of a decomposition infinity. Right as the animal slammed his monstrous jaws down, Barney woke up with his face on the saloon tabular array. Barney had so much to imbibe that he passed out. After barney woke up the Sunday forenoon, he instantly checked himself into rehab. He realized that the imbibing and the deficiency of duty have gone excessively far. It ruined his relationship between his married woman and child, and he besides lost the regard from merely about everyone else. Anyways, after Barney completed rehab, he got back together with his household and H is now happily sober.

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How to Get on the New York Times Bestseller List ( What to Know First)

How to Get on the New York Times Bestseller List ( What to Know First) How to Get on the New York Times Bestseller List Do you want to learn how to get on the New York Times Bestseller list?If soyou may have the common aspiration to become a bestselling author. The prestige, the title, and the credibilty are all super temptingBut theres more to landing on the NYT Bestseller list than just writing a book and hoping it gets there.Heres how to get on the New York Times Bestseller list:Understand what the NYT Bestseller list is looking forObtain fast and diverse salesEstablish a large author platformHave a pre-order list before your launchGet paid for speaking in bulk book purchasesIf you want to skip right down to these steps, click right here.Otherwise, stick around so that you can gain a further understanding of what it actually means and what it truly takes to get on the New York Times Bestseller list.NOTE: If you want to become a bestselling author in a way thats truly impactful, check out our VIP Self-Publishing Program to learn how to make it happen. Learn more about it hereWhy do authors want to g et on the New York Times Bestseller list?Getting published in the New York Times Bestseller list is traditionally regarded as the gold standard in the publishing world. While many notable bestseller lists exist in the publishing world - The Wall Street Journal bestseller list for business-themed books, for instance- the New York Times Bestseller list, published weekly since 1931, is the oldest and most prestigious list. To that extent, getting your work published on the list is a major deal. Getting published on the Times’ list not only raises your profile as an established author but can offer many more opportunities.Here are some benefits of becoming an NYT Bestselling author:Land future writing contracts with established printing housesBroader industry recognitionEstablish you as a major thought leader and expertProvide increased sales particularly if you are a lesser-known writerLend a good deal of bragging rights. Best Seller Lists are EvolvingPerhaps the most important thing to understand about the New York Times Bestseller list is that it is an evolving list. It always has been and, as historical and more recent trends seem to suggest, probably always will be. To be fair, it is not only the Times. Only as recent as 1995 did the Los Angeles Times begin to count paperbacks again on its bestseller list. Further back in time, in 1961, the Chicago Tribune more infamously denied certain high-selling books that it considered to be â€Å"sewer written by dirty fingered authors for dirty-minded readers† from appearing on its Bestseller list. Various genres and classic works of literature have historically not appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list.   The recent explosion of E-books (The Times began counting them in 2010), self-published books, and audiobooks have also contributed to a more evolving list.How do best seller lists work?The New York Times Bestseller list is made up of various lists divided by different categories such as fict ion and non-fiction, hardcover, paperback, Ebooks, audiobooks, and various book genres.For you, the aspiring writer whose goal it is to be published in the their Bestseller list, probably the most important thing to know is what is worth writing if you are to get your work published on the list. Again, The New York Times does not consider various categories for their bestseller list. A helpful article published on their site about their various guidelines and scoring method clarifies the matter. Here is what those guidelines state: â€Å"Among the categories not actively tracked at this time are: perennial sellers, required classroom reading, textbooks, reference and test preparation guides, e-books available exclusively from a single vendor, journals, workbooks, calorie counters, shopping guides, periodicals and crossword puzzles.†Cookbooks, contrary to popular belief, are included, as are religion, spirituality, and faith books. The NYT Bestseller â€Å"List† is Not a True Measure of Bestselling StatusIt may seem contradictory and still remains controversial to say but it is nonetheless true: The New York Times Bestseller list does not represent a true best-seller listthat is, when accounting for actual total sales. Just what constitutes â€Å"Bestseller† status has been the decades-long battle legal, political, commercial, and otherwise between- the Times, various authors, and book publishers. Like any traditional gatekeeper, the Times has its set of rules, standards, and procedures. As such, they hold the â€Å"keys† as to â€Å"who† gets in. It is best to think of New York Times Bestseller status as something that is subjective in nature. A book that becomes a New York Times Bestseller doesn’t necessarily have to sell millions of copies, or hundreds of thousands, for that matter. While book sales do meet the subjective criteria that the Times uses, it is a specific kind of â€Å"book sale† that counts towa rd New York Times Bestseller status. Moreover, given the explosion of online sales and the diminishing number of traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores (and, consequently, bookstore sales) the sales methodology behind how books are counted has influenced which books appear or do not appear on the list. As explained in a recent article about how to become a best-selling author and how to appear on a bestseller list, its stated that the New York Times in particular, when tallying books for bestseller status, considers:Books that sold in a very specific time period: The Times does not track cumulative sales. Hence, why the Bible, the best-selling book of all time, will not appear on the list. Books like Don Quixote and The Tale of Two Cities, worldwide beloved classics that have sold millions over the years, also will not appear. Dan Brown’s Davinci Code, however, will appear, as it did for several years between 2003 and 2006. Books sold at very specific places: certain book sa les are â€Å"weighted† more favorably depending on where they originate. Bulk sales, under certain conditions, are counted toward bestseller status; ebooks published by a sole vendor are not, etc.Again, the Times explains this in more detail on their site. What Writers Need to Know About the New York Times Bestseller ListEven though it retains its prestigious reputation, The New York Times Bestseller list has been the subject of much controversy. Charges of â€Å"curated elitism,† an overreliance on books published by the major New York publishing houses, questionable methodologies, bribery, editorial and political bias have prompted lawsuits and intense debates among authors, book publishers, and industry executives.A 1983 lawsuit by William Beatty, an American writer best known for his novel The Exorcist and 1973 movie by the same name, is a case in point. While his book Legion sold many copies during its initial publication- enough to earn a comfortable spot for a while on the Times’ Bestseller list- his book appeared on the list only for one week.Sensing bias and claiming that by it not remaining on the Times’s list his sales were being hurt, Beatty took his case to Court. In Court, the Times defended itself on grounds that â€Å"The list did not purport to be an objective compilation of information but instead was an editorial product.† The Court sided with the Times, dismissing a $3 million lawsuit. Think of it like this: The New York Times is the newspaper equivalent to a prestigious university and fashionable high-end clothing brand. When it comes to getting on their bestseller list, just as it is for gaining admission to, say, an Ivy League School, few get in.For those that do, they did their due diligence, worked incredibly hard, made great contacts, followed the rules, met the editorial standards, among other things.How to Get on the New York Times Bestseller ListIf you really have your hearts set on becoming a Ne w York Times bestselling author, here are some of the things youll have to do in order to make it happen.#1 Know What the NYT List wantsA Stanford Business Schoolanalysis done years ago concluded by saying that the majority of book buyers seem to use the Times list as a signal of whats worth reading.Knowing what the Times regards as a bestseller is important because it provides a helpful window into this segment of the bestselling publishing world. It helps to know what is currently passing for a New York Times Bestseller.Simply start with the category in which you would like to be published: fiction, non-fiction. Beyond that, genre: history, political, fantasy, science-fiction. It helps too to know who the Big Players are.The Times is known to favor the Big New York publishing houses. Who are these? What are their submission guidelines? Who are some agents known for working with them?Do you have what it takes to become a bestselling author? Take our quiz to find out!Click Here to Save Your Spot#2 Obtain fast and diverse sales In the age of digital self-publication and promotion, the traditional publishing route is virtually a thing of the past. Not so for a New York Times Bestseller. Unlike selling on digital mediums where you can become a Bestseller by selling your book on, say, Amazon, to whomever, wherever, becoming a New York Times Bestseller follows a different system.To achieve bestseller status on the Times not only do you have to sell at least 5,000 10,000 copies in one week, but these sales have to be diverse sales.That is, you cannot sell 10,000 books to a pre-existing list of followers through a personal website or thousands from only one marketplace like Barnes and Noble.Rather, these sales must flow from retailers across the country and in different geographical locations- everything from Big-Box chains like Barnes and Noble and Walmart, small independent book stores, E-commerce giant Amazon, university bookstores, etc.It is worth noting tha t the public does not have access to who the aforementioned retail outlets are. To prevent possible abuse from those looking to rig the system.#3 Build a Strong Author PlatformFor first-time and lesser-known authors it is especially critical to have a pre-existing audience before attempting New York Times bestseller status.This is how you can start to build your author platform and audience:Be active on social media: it goes without saying, people- potential followers, collaborators, industry leaders, publishers, agents, and readers- exist in the digital space. Find them, connect with them, and collaborate, if possible.Be already building credibility / expertise on your particular niche / topic / passion: write a weekly blog, as an example. This is perfect practice to hone your writing skills, develop your voice and writing styles, conduct research for your eventual book. The goal is to establish trust and credibility.Collaborate with others in your particular area for more knowled ge and broader exposure: if you want to get in with the Big Wigs you got to know your stuff. Once you have built up some credibility you can leverage this and reach out to important figures in your field. It is a win-win-win for you, the person you are reaching out to and the audience that is set to gain important information from the two of you.Engage with your audience: Assess your audience’s â€Å"book pulse:† how hungry are they for your words of wisdom, unique insight, creative mind? What questions are you asking them? What have they had to say about your previous blog posts, vlogs, tweets, etc? Are they genuinely impressed, suggesting you write a book perhaps?Maybe they are giving you more fuel for your book- telling you about things you had previously not known before, mentioning other books that further your expertise? Engagement is key. What, if any, do you have with your audience?#4 Have a Pre-Order List Before Your Book Launch You should have such a list f or any book you seek to publish. For a potential New York Times Bestseller it is especially important from a sales perspective.Rob Eager, a notable book marketing consultant, explains that, in the case of a New York Times Bestseller, all pre-orders sold before a book launch are counted during the first week of official sales. So, for instance, 5,000 sold during pre-release and another 5,000 during the first official week equals 10,000 total books sold- a critical number to reach during the first week for New York Times Bestseller status.Having a pre-order list works hand-in-hand with a pre-existing audience. If you already have the audience it is, of course, easier to have a ready pre-order list. If you are successful enough to have both of these before launch you are in good shape.#5 Exchange speaking fee for a bulk book purchasesWhile it may not be the best course for everyone, speaking engagements are incredible opportunities to double-down on your writing endeavors and entrepre neurial goals more broadly.They are not only great confidence-boosters but serve as great book marketing opportunities. Exchanging speaking fees for a bulk book purchase is especially important during the pre-order phase because it allows you not only reach a broader audience (and hopefully make more sales) but allows you to meet the Times’ requirement that book purchases be in different geographic areas. New York Times Bestseller Status vs. Writing as Means to an EndGiven the age of digital entrepreneurship where self-publishing a book continues to gain significant traction, effectively taking down the traditional barriers of entry- publishing industry contacts, top-notch agents, and costly marketing plans- it is really up to you to figure out your writing goals.Traditional publishing with the aim of appearing on an internationally-recognized Bestseller list like the Times versus self-publishing with the aim of achieving personal / business goals (and potential Bestseller st atus just not in the Times) is a tradeoff you’ll have to consider. Remember publishing a book is not an end in and of itself. With its ability to boost your name, reputation, and authority, not to mention, depending on your industry, land you more consulting clients and speaking gigs, writing a book can open up some pretty amazing doors. A successful published book is a marketing tool like no other.Whatever path you choose, keep in mind that achieving Bestseller status in places other than the New York Times Bestseller List has been proven to land equally promising and lucrative opportunities. And we are just in the beginning phases of this amazing trend. Self-Publishing School is here to help. Good luck.Are you ready to become a bestselling author where it matters?Yes, landing on the NYT Bestseller list will get you more book sales but becoming a bestselling author elsewhere is much easier and more attainable- with our methods, at least.

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Home Automation Lightning Motion Sensor and Zigbee Wireless Essay

Home Automation Lightning Motion Sensor and Zigbee Wireless - Essay Example Most presence detectors have an inbuilt light sensor (lux) that will turn off the lights if there is sufficient natural light. Regulating lights with a presence detector may save up to 65% of the total cost spent on lighting energy (CP Electronics, 2013). How the system works Presence detectors also known as PIR (Passive Infra-Red) work on a principle similar to that applied in motion detectors. These devices log the thermal radiations of their environments or area under detection. When thermal radiation in the area is detected, for example, in the case of a person coming close to the sensor, the detector will convert these vibrations into measurable electrical signals which will then turn on the lights. Presence detectors utilised in controlling lighting assist in the continuous adjustment of the output of faint lighting systems. This functionality facilitates management of energy saves costs over the conventional switching systems. Presence detectors provide an automatic hands-off lighting system that combines user comfort with an optimum energy consumption (Theben, 2011). Belkin's new device called WeMo makes home automation simpler. According to the company manufacturers, the device allows the user to control home-entertainment and other applications using iOS devices. Belkin's WeMo system incorporates a number of devices that are linked to the users Wi-Fi network. The system can then be managed by an iPad app or WeMo iPhone. Unlike other home automation systems, WeMo is entirely modular, and the user can add more nodes to increase its effectiveness (Linked in, 2013). How WeMo works The WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion are the present WeMo devices that exist today. The WeMo Switch is plugged into a wall outlet and serves as a remote-controlled socket that turns connected devices on or off according to the user’s command. The WeMo Motion device is also plugged into a wall socket, and has a 6-foot power cord which links to a motion sensor. Both the WeMo Mot ion and WeMo Switch are linked to the wireless network of the user, and the WeMo iOS app detects these components automatically. Various home appliances can be connected by plugging them into the WeMo Switch. The appliances connected to the WeMo Switch can then be turned on or off using iOS app available in the system. Therefore, the WeMo Switch allows the user to check if certain household appliances have been turned off in order to avoid the requirement of running an entire home check. The WeMo Switches have power buttons that replace the switch on the wall socket. WeMo Switch Setup The WeMo is not available officially, but its setup is a breeze. Once turned on, the isolated WeMo device creates a wireless network named as WeMo-XXX, where XXX is the device’s ID number. The next step involves connecting the iPad or iPhone to the network, and a free WeMo app is initiated. The WeMo app will then detect the primary Wi-Fi network and pull the required data configuration automatic ally. The WeMo app will also ask for a Wi-Fi password to ensure the user’s network is secured. The device collects additional configuration information necessary for its operations and then links to the wireless network. In addition to the ability to remotely switch domestic devices on and off, the principal selling point of the WeMo system is its simplicity of deployment. The WeMo Switch will also come at an affordable cost of about $50, according to the company reports (Honeywell, 2013).  

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Postoperative pain management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Postoperative pain management - Essay Example Management of pain following a surgery employs oral or rectal analgesics, intramuscular opioid injections, systemic opioid analgesia, continuous subcutaneous infusion of analgesics, and patient-controlled analgesia (PCA).Management of pain following a surgical procedure is one of the major challenges and source of concern for health care providers (Berge et al, 2004). However, surveys have revealed that hospital postoperative pain management, such as opioid intramuscular injections are frequently inefficient, resulting in unrelieved pain in approximately 50% of patients (Steinberg et al, 2002). Various studies have shown that postoperative pain has significant influence on the recovery of the patient, length of stay in the hospital, mobility, cost of hospitalization and also postoperative morbidity like cognitive dysfunction and pulmonary complications (Pain Management Guideline Panel., 1992). According to Sommer et al (2008), moderate to severe pain occurs in more than 50 percent of patients who undergo abdominal surgery It is crucial to control postoperative pain and currently in every hospital in the western world, control of post operative pain is given utmost importance. An understanding of pain management in the postoperative period can be enhanced through reflection. Reflection is evaluation and examination of thoughts and actions of oneself. For health practitioners, reflection means focusing on the interaction of oneself with colleagues and environment in a particular situation so that they are able to evaluate their own behavior. â€Å"Reflection gives scope for better understanding of oneself so that existing strengths can be used to build-up for future actions "(Somerville and Keeling, 2004). In order to be an effective practitioner, one must be able to identify one's strengths in approaching a problem, assess one's level of competency and improve on what one thinks are the weaknesses so that when the same problems arise in the future, the right ap proach can be adapted. Reflection is also an opportunity for professional growth and development to increase competence in the nursing practice (Alexander, Fawcett and Runciman, 2006). Reflective practice is very essential for nursing clinical practice because it helps the nurse to understand, assess and learn through the experiences during clinical practice (Burns and Grove, 2005). In the following assignment, I shall discuss about management of a patient with postoperative pain based on Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle. This is because, Gibbs Reflective Cycle is a straight forward and recognized framework for reflection wherein it enables clear description of the situation of the patient, the analysis of feelings, evaluation of the experience, analysis to make sense of the experience, conclusion where other points are considered and reflection upon experience to examine what you would do if situation arose again. Case description Mr. X was a 67 years old male patient, who I looked af ter in a Surgical High Dependency Unit (SHDU). He was transferred from theatre following Whipples, where a total pancreatectomy was performed along with the removal of Gall Bladder and Duodenum.  Past medical history included hypertension and chemotherapy 2 years ago following the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. He was also underweight. The patient was transferred to SHDU in a stable condition. On the 1st day post op, the Epidural Analgesia’s catheter was dislodged by accident and according to the protocol (NHS 2009), it could not be used anymore. Although, the patient had prescribed oral pain reliefs as required, Mr. X showed discomfort and pain, once resting and moving in bed. Because of the risk of post operative complications including pressure sores and chest infection, the issue was highlighted to Pain Management Nurse, who prescribed Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA). The Pain Management Nurse provided short educational session for Mr. X, as he never used PCA before and appeared to be anxious about

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Science and Mathematics Should be Taught in English Debate

Science and Mathematics Should be Taught in English Debate Is it necessary for our government to implement learning Mathematics and Science in English? This has been a big issue among students lately because it is said to disturb their routine lifestyle of studying. Basically, we know that our Malaysias education system encompasses education beginning from pre-school to university. Pre-tertiary education (pre-school to secondary education) is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education (MOE) while tertiary or higher education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). The vision of the Government is to make Malaysia a centre of educational excellence. The implementation of English language in Mathematics and Science has made a new aim in our education system now. Let us look back to our main point, which is why the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English has become a controversial issue, and several recommendations are made to resolve the issue. Malaysia is a multicultural and multilingual country with Malay as the official national language. In order to unify the nation, a national education system with Malay as the medium of instruction is being adopted for all primary and secondary schools. In 2002, the government announced the implementation of a new policy in the national education system; English is made the language of instruction in schools for the teaching of Mathematics, Science and technology subjects. These subjects had formerly been taught in the Malay language. English as the language of instruction for Mathematics and Science (ELIMS or PPSMI as it is known in Malay) was implemented in stages, starting in 2003 for standard one (first grade of primary school), form one (first year of lower secondary) and the lower six (first year of upper secondary school). The decision to use English was based on the rationale that mastery of English is regarded as an important mechanism for direct acquisition of knowledge in t he field of science and technology (Ainan, 2003). The first controversial issue is that learning English in a second language is seen as unsuitable when children encounter difficulty in interpreting the meaning of Mathematics and Science discourse. The purpose of teaching Science and Mathematics in English is to enable students to acquire proficiency in English while learning Science. Many educational issues are crucial when learning takes place in students second language. In Malaysia, most learners encounter English for the first time in school. They find it harder to adapt the new change in our education system. This inadvertently impairs students learning abilities since learning in these subjects may be compressed within a complex linguistic classroom. The problem of learning Science through a second language is compounded by other factors, such as teachers who are not proficient in English and the lack of good Science textbooks (Ong, 2004). The government cant come up with a good explanation when the issue of teachers who are not proficient in English were debated in the parliament because they were too busy in governing the economy of our country. The second most controversial issue in implementing English in teaching Mathematics and Science is that the non-Malay students who are the majority residence in urban areas indicated their preference of the use of English in learning Mathematics and Science while the rural students, were not supportive on the use of English language. Malaysian students and teachers are multicultural and have multilingual backgrounds. The implementation of PPSMI created great concern among parents and educators on the quality of Mathematics and Science education as both teachers and students are not proficient in the English language (The Star, 2006). This is expected as Malay language has been the language of instruction for more than four decades. Moreover, the teaching of non-science and Mathematics subjects in schools continue to use Malay language. In a study to provide some baseline data for this concern, Juriah Long and colleagues (The Star, 2006) found that 60% of Mathematics and Science teach ers were not fluent in the English language while only 45% said they are comfortable in using the language to teach. The students from the rural area find difficult to adapt and score in Mathematics and Science subject compare to the students from the urban areas especially the non-Malay student can do better as they are more suitable in the second language compare to Malay language. If these matter continue, it will create havoc among the people in our country and this time, it will be worse than the 13th May tragedy. The implementation of English in teaching Mathematics and Science should be carry out and the government have come up with some solutions in improving this policy to overcome these problems. In order to compensate for students weakness in English language, the teacher must take on the role of a translator in class. The teacher describe the teaching in the class as using first in the English, then repeat the explanation again in Malay for the benefits of those who have low English proficiency. More time will be needed to convey the same concept compared to when Malay language was used as the medium of instruction. Teaching time for Science and Mathematics may need to be increased. It is recommended that teachers continue to carry out code switching when conducting their Science and Mathematics lessons. In addition, teaching strategies may need to be modified so that students will not be denied a quality Science and Mathematics education. So far, much of the thrust of this policy has f ocused on upgrading the linguistic skills of teachers and providing them with technical support. Even extremely proficient and experienced teachers cannot teach their subjects entirely in English if the students are incapable of understanding them. This finding is supported by the information released by the Ministry of Education based on the mandated national level public examinations for all form three students (The Star, 2005). They found that despite learning Science and Mathematics in English for three years, only 33% of the Science candidates and 27% of the Mathematics candidates used English to answer questions. Most of the candidates, however, preferred to answer in either Malay or a mixture of both languages. For valid assessment of Science and Mathematics, the use of dual-language test-booklet as a language accommodation need to continue to ensure students are assess on their Science and Mathematics achievement and not their language ability. The government should be positive minded in enhancing the knowledge of our future students by implementing the policy of teaching Mathematics and Science in English so that our country can produce more efficient and dedicated students who are high in knowledge and good proficiency in English language. Thus, the linguistic abilities of their students are crucial in deciding to what extent teachers can implement PPSMI. All the teachers show their main concern when teaching in English, making sure that students could understand the lesson. It is almost a reflexive action among teachers that as soon as their students look lost or seem unable to comprehend, they resort to translating the terms or specific portion of that lesson. Therefore, in classes where the majority of the students are academically able and linguistically proficient, the teachers must teach their lessons entirely in English. Meanwhile, with weaker classes, these teachers should use more Malay in class, by way of transl ation. As a result, instead of teaching Mathematics and Science in English, many teachers will end up teaching these subjects in English and Malay. This pedagogical response has much to do with the pressure that teachers feel about covering the syllabus within specific timelines so that students will be ready for school exams and mandated public exams. These exams take place at set times during the school year. This being the case, on the spot translation offers them the fastest route to achieving their goal of increasing students comprehension.

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Challange Faced by University Students Essay

Education is the most important aspect of learning for every generation established in every mode. In university there are different field of studies with different years of each program. It is obvious that new students are going to face further challenges in university. In this case, these challenges could be the burden which can pull them out of the school without completing their studies. This essay will discuss these challenges in condition of financial, social, and academic. To begin with, financial problems are a major challenge for university students includes tuition fee, rent expenses, and text books. Tuition fee is the most common challenge for these students. Though, for some they only take one or two units per semester because of financial problems. The high costs of fee causes many problems for those who are not sponsored. Besides, fee expenses for each semester cost of thousands of dollars. So, tuition fee is a great burden for the unsponsored students. Furthermore, text books are the most essential property students must have in university. First year students also suffered in buying text books regarding to financial problem. Those who are not sponsored are suffered the most on the high cost of these books. Another challenge is that some of them have not enough money in a pocket. But in this case, such challenges can create lot of troubles in their minds throughout their time in the university. Moreover, rent is also a challenge for these students. These students might live in different hostels where some are cheap but isolated from the campus, and some are nearby the campus but expensive. It is better to live nearby the campus for new students to avoid troubles. However, they have problem with monthly rent where it is expensive but must be cleared. Another reason is based on a small amount of their allowance which cannot meet their expenses on rent and others. However, these financial challenges make them concern the most. Another major†¦ [continues].

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Academic Monitoring System using Android application Essay

ABSTRACT The portability, open source nature of smart phones and android OS for PC on android development platform has made the development of application software for various environments as handy. In this application are resulted in paper less work, easy to use and time saving in nature. The wireless communication technology of smart phone enables the information transfer from the current client to remote database server, where ever the network range is available. The Academic Monitoring System is a mobile computing software application, which focuses on an activity or function, which is based on management information system of academic institutions. Overall the system is acting as an effective tool, in assisting the smooth functions of the academic activities of an educational institution. The entire system development is proposed with Android development platform. Keywords: Academic Monitoring System, Mobile Computing, Android based Software Systems, Online Database Management System, We b Technology. 1. INTRODUCTION The nature of portability and handy use of smart phone led them in use of various applications where ever the personal computer is applied today. This project is about â€Å"Academic Activity Monitoring System (AAMS)† (every faculties posting attendance details can be easily traced out).The system will include the information about the attendance of the students credit system to keep a their performance record. This automation system is embedded into android application which runs in android OS for PC. In present system, every faculty posting attendance details can be easily traced out. The whole session is stored in the database and at the end of the semester or session report will be generated. The existing system is not user-friendly because the computer based attendance management and monitoring activities are handled with the help of manual and keying data to the database. The existing system functions with intranet and internet capability with off time data entry into th e database. The problem of real time data entry is proposed in this project work. The inter-related databases and tables provide a flexibility of none maintenance of specific records and avoids manual calculations. This monitoring system helps the management to handle their management activities with efficiency. More secured by means of information than traditional academic activity monitoring system. 2. HETEROGENEOUS COMPUING Mobile Computing & PC Computing Distributed Computing 3. EXISTING SYSTEM The faculty activities and functionalities are monitored in manual with the help of human. Collecting all attendance details of particular hour on real time is impossible task, when it is handled manual or semi computerized. Updating the database with the help of PC based computation is not a real time activity. Demerits: Lack of in-availability of information in real time. Time delay in data updating to the database. Consume large volume of paper work. Manual work 4. PROPOSED SYSTEM The entire system development is proposed with mobile computing concepts. The proposed system will easily handle all the data and the processes handled by this system is similar to the existing system with one variant as mobile computation instead of PC computation. The monitoring system proposed here is basically an integrated web project. The proposed project can be implemented using android. It allows the user to interact with the system in a graphical user friendly way. This system eliminates the drawbacks of the existing system and provides real time availability of information in the form of reports. Portability is one of the major key factors in this project. In this system fully online data server based application. Merits: Easily check whether for attendance post or not based on real time. The top level and middle management persons can monitor their management activities from their place and no need of manual or human physical monitoring. Per day attendance details are available to the management personals on his desktop. Time saving. It is user friendly. Details: 4.1. Modules: User Module – Administrator Attendance Posting Module – Faculty Update Database Module – Attendance Internet Connectivity Module – Android Client to Web Server based Online Database, PHP Scripts 4.2. Design & Development: User Module – Administrator Frontend: Android Design Backend: PHP Scripts Deployment in Web Server, Online Database Design Attendance Posting Module – Class Attendance Details with Time and Date (Theory & Laboratory) Update Database Module – Posting Attendance Details with Time and Date, Number of Students Present and Absent. Internet Connectivity Module – Android Client Connection with Campus WIFI, Retrieving the data to online database through webserver and PHP scripts 5. CONCLUSION This project will help the professor to post attendance or not time and calculations required to update the attendance manually. Administrator to identify for faculty activities in during class hour through web services. ` 6. FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS As soon as every faculty to posting attendance details such as class hall number, subject code, staff name, number of students present and absent details easily traced out. So easily monitoring every class details and staff activities through web server. 7. REFERENCES [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]